MAXICORE-Cores High-strength special cores for non-ferrous metal casting. Elimination of expensive core-slide arrangements, binder-free, no core gassing, no emissions, extremely smooth surfaces, can be recycled 100%, no waste material.

Range of performance MAXICORE:

  • Manufacturing of complex casting parts with undercut without using expensive core sliding equipment: Cost savings in tooling and increased productivity
  • Casting parts can be realised in high pressure die casting
  • high strength, with ceramic characteristics
  • very smooth core and casting surface
  • non wetting with metal
  • high dimensional consistency due to consistant density and homogeneity
  • minor accuracy tolerance of manufacture
  • solutions for vent and decoring problems in every casting process
  • high scope in design for design engineer
  • easy storage
  • quick and residue-free removal with water and pressure
  • no organic emissions
  • no gas emissions
  • core material is completely recyclable

The following PDF documents* provide you with further information about our product MAXICORE.
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Requirements to cores regarding technology, economy and environment

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Comparison Sandcore - MAXICORE

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