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ascem is striving to produce products which are free of hazardous matter
and friendly to the environment:

Continuously shrinking technological cycles are calling for extra activities. Therefore, ascem is further strengthening its focus on customers' requirements and innovation. Our solid growth is the result of developing niches close to our core business. The customers of the day are expecting quick implementation of new technologies and new ideas for additional services.


ascem is a strong and reliable partner.

  • MAXIFLUX Melting Additives: Products for the treatment of molten aluminium, copper, and magnesium alloys, powdered or as granulate
  • MAXITAB as tablets: Multipurpose additives for duties like cleaning, degassing, covering, dross removal, modification, gassing, and special processes
  • MAXICORE Cores: High-strength special cores for non-ferrous metal casting. Elimination of expensive core-slide arrangements, binder-free, no core gassing, no emissions, extremely smooth surfaces, can be recycled 100%, no waste material
  • MAXICOAT Coatings: Separating and lubricating mould coatings for moulds and cores. Fully colloidal graphite coatings, die coatings with HM system binder, protective coatings, core and mould coating paste ready-made or powder for aluminium and copper alloys insulating, semi-insulating or heat conducting.
  • MAXIMET Non-ferrous alloy additions: Alloying metals for alloying non-ferrous metal melts. Alloying tablets based on high-purity alloying metals
  • MAXIMET Alloying tablets have been specially developed to dissolve quickly
    and provide high yield for accurate alloy addition
  • MAXIQUIP Application Engineering: Hopper dosing, handling of Big Bags,
    rotary degassing equipment, injection equipment
  • MAXITEAM Services for the chemical and foundry industry, waste management,
    consultancy, concept development, centre of competency.

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