MAXIFLUX - Melting additives: Products for the treatment of molten aluminium, copper, and magnesium alloys, powdered or as granulate

MAXITAB - Melting additives as tablets: Multipurpose additives for duties like cleaning, degassing, covering, dross removal, modification, gassing, and special processes

The following PDF documents* provide you with detailled information about the product range of MAXIFLUX and MAXITAB.
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MAXIFLUX/MAXITAB-AL: Multi-purpose melt preparations for aluminum alloys for purifying, degassing, covering, skimming and special applications - in different gain size distributions and dust control

44 K


MAXIFLUX-MG: Multi-purpose melt preparations for magnesium alloys for purifying, degassing, covering and skimming applications- reduced dust

36 K


MAXIFLUX-CU: Multi-purpose melt preparations for copper and copper alloys for purifying, degassing, covering and skimming applications oxidising, reducing, neutral

38 K

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